Half Marathon Course Map

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Left out of park on Point San Pedro Road along the water,
turnaround just before small park (Main Drive)
Following the road past McNear’s Beach into China Camp State Park, to Miwok Meadows Gate (water station)
Left and onto Shoreline Trail
Right at Bullit Hill Trail
Left at the road
Right at Turtle Back Hill and around
Right back onto the road
Left at Back Ranch Meadows (CHP) and onto Shoreline Trail (water station)
Follow trail back to Miwok Meadows Gate (water station)
Right onto road until Ranger Station (water station)
Up onto Shoreline trail and last hill, easy does it
Follow trail to end, then back onto road
Left at the gate into the back side of McNear’s Beach
Enjoy the amazing fast finish, smile and be proud!

10k Course Map


5k Course Map